About Us


H.E.A.L. began in 2005 out of a need to develop a support structure for both recovering addicts and their supporters. H.E.A.L. works directly with the South Coast Recovery Centre and runs according to the same principles.


H.E.A.L. is a Christian organization that promotes a new life to its members through its actions and its dedication to running according to Christian principles. Anyone may however join H.E.A.L. on the understanding that the recovery of our members is our priority.


H.E.A.L. focuses on family unity by reconciling family relationships, training and equipping families to interact and to fight addiction together through a support structure for both the recovering addict and the supporter. H.E.A.L. also focuses on educating both the recovering addict and supporter on the principles of recovery and assists in applying these principles to their new way of life.


Our doors are open to all addicts regardless of whether they are still in active addiction, but within strict boundaries for the safety of the group. (Right of admission reserved.)


Please note that HEAL  is an open group where people speak from their own experiences and that HEAL facilitators are not professionally qualified. Therefore HEAL cannot be held responsible nor liable for anything that may be said or advised.